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I am a Single Woman Supporting Myself, Please Help Keep a Roof Over My Head

My Story:

I am a single woman and have been living in my current household since November of last year. I do not have any children. I am an artist who loves working with people to help achieve their goals and dreams. I also have a healing spirit and I help people who are in nursing facilities to get well.

I recently was terminated from my job because I went against the attendance policy. My unemployment was denied because of the state policy, so I went without income. This put me in a real financial bind as I live pay check to pay check. I just got a new job but I need Modest Needs' help to catch up with my rent. I fear that I would have to move, and I don't have any extra funds for a new apartment. I fear being homeless again, but this time losing everything I worked so hard for.

I just recently started working again and will be able to support myself but I cannot get all the way caught up without help. Financially, this funding will settle my debt, and personally, this funding will give me satisfaction of knowing that there are other people who actually care about helping others just as I do. Your help would save my home.

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