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College Student Needs Rental Help After Taking Time to Care for Sick Mother

My Story:

I am an Aerospace Engineering undergraduate in my junior year at University of Central Florida. I live with my friend and roommate Rafael in Orlando, Florida. He is an UCF Graduate full time restaurant employee and avid gamer. He's quite jovial and lighthearted. I keep busy with my studies and extracurricular activities. I work part time and draw support from various scholarships and a Ronald E. McNair Scholar recipient. We live happily together.

Our combine income manages to take care of our monthly bills but our savings was not prepared for a sudden emergency. When I found out my retired mom who lives alone in New York was hospitalized and home health services not covered by her insurance, I dropped everything to be by her side to become her personal care assistant. I moved in with her for six months which also meant losing work, school for a while. This would set us back financially and for me lost time at school to complete my degree. I need Modest Needs help with my rental payment.

I am back to work now but need help catching up due to the lost time. Receipt of the Modest Needs Grant would improve the quality of our lives and in many respects give much needed peace of mind. Taking time out to help my mom in New York paid off. It was great to see her doing better as time went on. My family and I were able to get her comprehensive care, and she now lives with my sister at her home in Upstate New York. I recently found supplemental work to my current job which will build extra reserves for any future crisis. Rafael gets extra shifts at the restaurant and loves working there. Modest Needs' assistance would greatly impact our future. I can return to school in the fall to finish what I started without fear of my mom's safety.

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