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Newly Single Father With Child Needs Rent Help After Medical Expense

My Story:

I am a single father with primary custody of my beautiful 12 year old girl. She is athletic, creative and loves animals. She has a cat, a dog, and a lizard. She is starting 7th grade this coming year. I work full time for a marketing company to support my daughter and myself.

My ex-wife has not paid her child support payment which was due June 15th and my last paycheck for my new job in sales did not reflect my commission correctly. I may lose my home in the next week due to this. Also, I usually have $100 dollars in mental health expenses for my daughter per month but last month I had to pay $425 in mental health bills which was very unexpected. I am now late on rent and desperately need Modest Needs assistance to get caught up.

Your help will save the home for my daughter, for me, and our pets. We have no immediate family to store our items with or a place to move to. My ex-wife will try to pull my daughter away out of state in a custody battle. Your help would change my life.

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