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I am a Single Woman Needing Your Help To Keep My Home After Expensive Car Repairs

My Story:

I am a single woman that recently graduated college. I am currently working towards law school, I would love to become a lawyer to provide for my family and help people in need. I currently work full time as a paralegal.

I earn enough to cover my monthly expenses, however when emergencies come up my funds become stretched thin. Last week I had to make the decision to pay for a costly car repair so that I would have reliable transportation to and from work. My transmission had to be rebuilt. I was not able to cover both the repair and my rent payment but I knew I needed to keep my job. I need Modest Needs help to pay for my rent payment which is two weeks late.

This funding would have a major impact on my life in the long term. I would be current on all my bills and will not have to face eviction. I plan on working part time with a delivering service which gives me the opportunity to create an emergency fund account so I will not be in this position again.

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