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My Story:

I am a married mother of 2 beautiful girls and a step mother of 5 beautiful women. I have been married to my husband for 14 years. My youngest daughter is 10 and a beautiful singer and talented artist. She suffers from severe anxiety and depression, which is a daily battle for her. She is in counseling and is on medication, though we have had a hard time finding one that will work for her. My older daughter is 12 and extremely organized and has worked hard to be in the National Junior Honor Society. We have two dogs, Buddy and Gracie. I am going to Western Governors University online and I am a little over a year away from my teaching degree. My husband is a hard-working guy that works in construction as a heavy equipment operator. He has had battles with diabetic ulcers on his foot, diabetic eye problems, and he recently had to have surgery to stop his eye from hemorrhaging. He went blind in that eye, but thankfully the surgery was successful.

Over the past few years our family has had some rough patches. My mother passed away in October, family has moved in and out with us leaving all financial responsibility, and just recently, we had to relocate across the state to our mother in laws. Neither my husband or I had a job at the time which put us in a bind. We are now back to work but really need Modest Needs help to catch up with our auto payment. We need both cars because my husband has an hour commute each way every day to work and I must be able to take my children to therapist appointments and doctor appointments, as well as school in the fall.

By the time we can start to get them caught up a bit, the next payment is due. Your help would lift a huge burden from our shoulders and help to get us al caught up with our finances. We are worried that they will be repossessed, and we will have no transportation at all. If that happens my husband will lose his job and I will not be able to take my daughters to appointments or school. We really need your help.

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