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Please Help This Family of 6 Fix Their Vehicle and Means of Supporting Themselves

My Story:

I am married and have 4 kids, 3 girls and one boy. The 2 girls are from a previous marriage and my wife also has two children. I try to give my family the best I can, going to every school event, game, and am involved with them as much as I can. My wife is almost done with school, so with her working in her field soon will be a great help to our family.

We typically live paycheck to paycheck just living with the necessities, especially while my wife is in school. Recently my truck broke down which has caused a hardship on our family. The head on the engine let water in through a leak and we need to get this fixed as soon as possible so I can continue to work and support my family who depends on me. If I pay for this repair myself we will not have any money left for rent or food. We desperately need Modest Needs assistance with the cost of this unexpected car repair.

Your help will allow my family to retain the stability we need to survive. My family won�t be hurting without a vehicle and I can stop asking for rides and burdening others with this issue. It will relieve the stress on my wife and I to stop worrying on how to fix our truck. Our kids can see that there are good people in this world full of chaos. That there is light at the end of a dark tunnel. Thank you so much.

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