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Please Help This Hardworking Family Keep Their Necessary Transportation

My Story:

I am married to my soul mate and the love of my life. We have 2 beautiful children. Our daughter is 11, and loves cheer leading, school, and anything that has to do with her little brother! Our son is 3, and he just started preschool at a local child care center. He loves cars, trucks, and airplanes, always wants to be outside, and adores his big sister. My husband works full time (and then some) for a concrete company and pours/finishes concrete. He is an extremely hard worker and will do anything for our little family. I am mostly a stay at home mom but I do have a part time job at home during the night registering callers for real estate and financial seminars.

My husband and I have lived paycheck to paycheck for as long as we have been together. Some months are better than others, especially in the summer because of all his overtime at work. We recently were able to start putting a little money into a savings account. But, our apartment complex has now been bought by a new management company and they were quick to change a lot of the rules, including when rent is due. Before, we were allowed to pay our rent at the end of the month which worked so much better for us, just because of other bills due that at the beginning of the month, and our pay schedules. So we had to adjust finances again to get that paid plus my husband was laid off from his previous job the day after my 3 year old had surgery to remove his tonsils. He was able to find another job within 2 weeks, but those 2 weeks of no pay killed us financially. On top of that our Explorer broke down and needs an extremely expensive transmission repair. We are very lucky to have 2 cars, but because of my husbands long hours at work, and far away locations, we are a family that needs 2 cars to survive. My son has had to miss preschool for 2 weeks because its too far away to walk. I have had to have groceries delivered to my home (which isn�t cheap) but I needed milk and diapers and food for my family. This repair is far above anything we could ever afford. We have managed to pay the bill down but we need Modest Needs� help with the balance. They have given us until the end of the month or they will start charging 25.00/day lot fee and if it takes us too long, they legally can sell our vehicle. We are doing everything we can to make extra money but its just not going to cut it. My husband is exhausted every day, but still tries to find other ways to make money, and I have been trying as well.

If Modest Needs is able to help us financially, it would put us back on track. It would help my husband feel like he is still able to provide for our family with all his hard work. He works so hard and is pulling 10+ hour shifts all week, doing whatever he can to make the most money that he can for our family so that we can survive. With your help, we would be able to build our savings again. My biggest fear is not being able to pay my rent or bills and I don�t want my children to have to worry about these things. This help would also make it so that my 3 year old can go back to preschool again, he misses it so much. I know that you see a million applications every day that probably look just like mine, but I am pleading for someone to please help us.

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