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I am a Married Father of 2 and The Sole Provider. Please Help Us Pay Rent Due to My Lay off.

My Story:

I am a married father of 2, who turned 14 and 8 years old this April. I also have 2 step-children, who are 15 and 11 years old. My wife and I have found parenting to be very fulfilling and love all of our children to pieces. I work full time to support our family.

Generally my wife and I live paycheck to paycheck but have always had small comforts such as an occasional morning coffee or a family dinner out. This all changed in April when I lost my employment due to a large scale company layoff. Because of this we were unable to pay rent for the month of May and have received an eviction notice. We have 25 days to pay the past due of $850 in full. We desperately need Modest Needs help.

I have just secured new employment this week and am confident that I will be able to afford rent for the month of June if this past due rent is taken care of. This would help us wipe the slate clean, show our landlord that they can depend on us, and stop the eviction process. Having your help would mean a huge weight lifted off of my family as we experience this financial transition. If you choose to help us we would be forever thankful and promise to pay it forward when we are able.

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