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This Veteran Is Back To Work After Being Laid Off. Help Them Catch Up On Their Car Payment.

My Story:

I am a veteran and married father of three, one boy and two girls. My 7-year old daughter is compassionate and loves to read. My 6-year old son is an intelligent and energetic little boy with autism who loves Pokemon. My 3-year old daughter is both sweet and sassy. Her likes and dislikes change with each passing day. I recently started a new full time job with a phone company. My wife works part-time as a CNA at an assisted living care facility and picks up as many extra hours as she can.

At my previous place of employment, I made enough to get by with my wife going to school part-time and taking care of our youngest at home, but my family still lived paycheck to paycheck. My sudden loss of employment has left me struggling to find a job and keep up with the bills as we had no savings. My wife recently finished her schooling and started working part-time. My job search has ended, but our bills have suffered in the mean-time. We are asking for Modest Needs' help to make a car payment, which is late. We have been forced to choose between making the car payment or paying the mortgage and utilities. We need this vehicle if my wife and I are to both be working. Without it, we will not be able to support our family and keep our home.

This funding would enable us to keep our vehicle and give us the means to take care of ourselves again. This vehicle is sorely needed for my wife to work and to take care of our children. Soon, when I am working again, that need will be even greater. It has been too long since my family been able to feel a sense of security and stability, and this assistance would provide that for us. This funding would be a step towards being self-sufficient again, as well as an opportunity to show that it is ok to ask for help when it is truly needed.

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