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I am a Veteran and Father of 5. Please Help With Our Emergency Electrical Repair.

My Story:

I am a Veteran of the US Army and also a husband and father of five children. We have three boys ages 16, 8, and 5, a little girl who will be 1 next month and one child does not live with us. My wife works for our school district as a substitute teacher only part time and the rest of the time is home with my daughter and I, helping with my day to day tasks.

We are adjusting and living with the pay I receive from social security and VA compensation, as well as what my wife will bring in from working part time. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to set aside savings for emergencies. A few months ago in the dead of winter our electricity went out due to corrosion of wires under the driveway. In order for my family and I not to go without heat or electricity we had to call in National Grid and an electrician to come and work on the issues. We need Modest Needs help in paying for the bill from the electrical work done to our home. We were able to pay the electrician for his time and labor, however we still owe a significant amount to National Grid for the emergency work they did.

This funding will bring relief and peace to our family in knowing that we do not have this financial burden hanging over us. We do try our best to keep up with our bills as well as provide the necessities for our children and anything else they might need. With that said and really knowing now how emergencies can happen we plan on making some serious changes in order to save what we can. Your help will really give us a sense of hope and faith in humanity knowing that we can reach out for help if needed under dire circumstances.

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