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I am a Single Woman Caring For My Special Needs Nephew. Please Help Us With Rent.

My Story:

I am a 35 year old single woman with no children but I helped raise my nephews and took care of my ill mother until she passed in May of last year. I worked as a police and fire dispatcher until a repetitive stress injury sidelined me, and eventually required me to resign. I am now employed at a local hospital, half in environmental services and half in registration. My nephew whom I support has a debilitating learning disability and will never be able to fully support himself and cannot drive, though he does not qualify for disability. He does some part time work.

I was injured due to old faulty equipment with my position as a police and fire dispatcher. I was awarded workers compensation while I healed. Fortunately I was recently allowed to return to work, but there was a gap between where the workers compensation ended and when I started work again. I was able to survive one month due to my tax refund, but I am behind one month in rent. The landlord is rightfully demanding payment as he is struggling himself with a wife who is sick. He is now warning that if we do not get up to date with our rent, he will be forced to start eviction proceedings. We need Modest Needs help with our rental payment.

With my new full time position I will be able to catch up fairly quickly with other bills once the rent is caught up. I was also forced to pay for funeral expenses for my Mother, which depleted any savings I had. Your help would be a lifeline for us, as we do not qualify for any other help through state funded programs, as we do not have children in our household nor have a federally recognized disabled persons. Your assistance will truly mean the world to us.

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