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I Had A Difficult Pregnancy And Birth. Help Us With Our Utilities After A Long Maternity Leave.

My Story:

My boyfriend and I raised my 14-year-old nephew from birth and now we have a new baby. I work full time as a nurse. My nephew loves video games. We all love to go to the park and beach on nice warm days.

I had a very rough pregnancy, delivery and maternity leave. There were a lot of unexpected health issues that I had to get through. I wound up missing more work than we planned for and we couldn't keep up with our electric bill while I was out of work. We are trying to catch up and are so behind. We need Modest Needs' help with our electric bill.

Your kindness will allow us to maintain electric service and continue to raise our family. It is amazing to see so many people willing to help out, these are the type of things I want my nephew to see to help him grow up into a loving, caring person. Thank you for your kindness in this trying transition. You'll help our baby have a good start in life.

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