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I am a Veteran With Two Children With Autism. Please Help Us Save Our Vehicle.

My Story:

I'm a Navy veteran and I currently work full-time for Cymer in the stock room. My wife was a Behavioral Interventionist, and is currently getting her degree in Child Psychology. We have a 4 year old son and a 2 year old daughter, both of whom have high functioning Autism. We love to spend time together outdoors and at the beach.

We typically live pay check to pay check, especially while my wife is in school. We fell behind in our car payments after a car wreck. It wasn't enough to total it, but bad enough for an expensive repair bill. We had to pay our insurance deductible along with repairs. This caused a strain on our finances and our cars are almost in repossession status. We need Modest Needs help in getting caught up with our car note. I really like my job, and we can't afford to be without it. If I lose my way to work we will fall further into this hole.
Your help with this funding will allow me to continue working and my wife can finish her degree. She wants to do for other children with Autism what the therapists working with our children have done for them. They can have a shot at a normal future because of these therapists and she could do the same for many other families. Thank you so much for considering our family.

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