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Please Help This Hardworking Single Mom Who Is Struggling After Being Laid Off And Changing Jobs.

My Story:

I am single parent with a beautiful 6-year-old daughter. I have worked in the mortgage industry for the past ten years and graduated with my MBA in Business Administration last year. I also work part time as a sales associate in the kid's shoe section of my local department store. My daughter is an extremely smart and high-spirited child with energy for days.

Right now, I'm barely living paycheck to paycheck. I was laid off from my full-time job with no warning and no severance, but received a job offer with a new company shortly after. I had enough to cover some of my basic expenses, but the gap in full time employment has put me behind. I don't receive child support and barely received unemployment benefits for the short time I was out of work. I ended up getting behind trying to pay bills by priority and I just need a helping hand. The one thing I fear losing the most is my car. I'm asking for Modest Needs' help to bring it current, so I can keep my new job.

Your kindness will lift a huge burden off my shoulders and allow me to get other things paid. I will be in a position to work and pay my bills on time going forward. I will also have a chance to begin saving and getting myself out of this bind. Your help would impact us more than you know because we don't have anyone else to reach out to. I have to be strong for my child and I want her to know that when life sends the unexpected, as long as you're doing what you're supposed to on your end, there will be people who don't mind helping. Thank you for your helping hand in our time of need.

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