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I am a Single Mother Caring For My Special Needs Daughter. Please Help Us With Our Mortgage.

My Story:

I am a single mother who is retired but also working part time. I have an active 4 year old daughter and a motivated 12 year old boy. Both my son and daughter love the outdoors and enjoy spending time with family and friends. My son is so protective of his sister and mother!

I took an early retirement to care for my Special Needs daughter. She has many doctors appointments and therapies to attend which was not conducive to my full time work schedule. My parents agreed to support me and their grandchildren until part-time work is found. I currently work part-time and earn $150.00 a week to care for an elderly man. Starting next month I will be picking up more hours for him and increasing my pay. My parents are unable to help now and I need Modest Needs help to bridge this gap for me. We need help with our mortgage payment.

If the mortgage is paid with your assistance I will be able to provide food and utilities for the household and children. This hand up will get me on track and moving forward I will be able to handle my expenses. Your help will make an already stressful situation easier on me and provide stability for my children. Thank you.

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