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I am a Veteran and Single Father. I Need Help to Afford Car Repairs.

My Story:

I am a veteran and father of a total of six children, three of whom live with me. All of my children are doing exceptional in school and sports. I have served with my fire department for four years. I recently started working at a Chrysler dealership. I really enjoy the work that I do.

I make enough to afford my basic expenses along with expenses related to my children's' education and medical needs. But recently I found out that my vehicle needs more extensive repairs than the usual maintenance. My greatest concern is not being able to get to work, which could start a domino effect and cause more stress and difficulties. I do not have any other means to get to work and help my children. I need Modest Needs' assistance paying for these repairs.

Your help will mean I can continue to work and support my family. You will also provide me with the space to prepare to purchase a newer vehicle that will not require these types of expensive repairs. With your help, we can keep moving forward. Your kindness will mean a lot to myself and my family.

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