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Veteran Needs A Fence To Keep His Autistic Toddler Safe In His Own Yard

My Story:

I am the mother of a 3-year-old boy, who was diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum. I am disabled and drawing Social Security Disability benefits. I volunteer as church secretary and administrator for our clothing give away. My son is very energetic and enjoys playing, running, climbing, and jumping. He is off the charts with energy and was diagnosed as being on the Autism spectrum. My husband is a veteran and works full time at a warehouse. We also have three other older children. My husband is the head deacon of our small church.

My husband and I barely earn enough to pay for our basic needs, and we live paycheck to paycheck. His VA benefits help, but we still struggle with any unexpected cost. We are afraid to let our toddler play outside, even with parental supervision. He runs toward moving cars, stray dogs, and strangers. I have anxiety every time we go out to play because I never know what to expect while we're out. We need Modest Needs help to build a fence in our yard to keep him safe.

Your help will bring some sense of relief and security to me when outside with my toddler. The fence will enable my toddler more play time outside. My son will be able to run and play in his own yard freely. He will enjoy his time outside more and so will we. He can burn the energy he needs to and he will sleep normally. I'm currently seeking contract work or part time work to help our family save more. Even though we don't have a lot, we give back when we are able to and enjoy helping others in need. Thank you for your generosity.

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