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I Paid For Expensive Car repairs and My Sister had a Stroke. I Need Your Help!

My Story:

I am a single senior living on my own with my dog shorty. I am a grandma and great-grandma. I love to go for walks and take Shorty to the dog park. He is my baby and protector. We love each other very much.

My older sister had a stroke the end of May, she lives about 6 hours north of me in California. Then in August, I had $1500.00 in car repairs I had to pay for. I haven't been able to get caught up with my bills, or to visit my sister while she heals. I received a 3 day notice and need Modest Needs' help with my rent.

Financially, your help would get me get back on budget and get all my bills caught up. I also would be able to start an emergency fund for unexpected expenses. But personally, your generosity would relieve the stress and worry I constantly feel and I could smile again! I would be able to take a trip to visit my sister as she re-cooperates. Thank you so much for your consideration during my time of need.

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