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Used Utility Bill Money For A New Hot Water Heater

My Story:

I'm a single mother of two sons. One is graduating from college and the other from high school. My oldest son had to come home this semester because we couldn't afford his final tuition payment. But my high schooler was offered a college scholarship. My oldest was earning an Engineering degree and my younger son is interested in psychology and game design.

My hot water heater broke down. We patched it up and tried to save for a new one but the patches didn't last long enough. So, I took the money for the water bill and bought a hot water heater. Now the city is threatening to cut the water off. I just need help this one time to get through this rough spot.

This help will allow me to relax about having my water shut off. Because late fees won't continue to accumulate, I can continue to save for my son to be able to return to college so he can graduate. I'll be exceptionally grateful for any and all help.

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