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I Need Rental Help After Having to Move

My Story:

I am a single woman living in Brooklyn, NY. I work as a paraprofessional teacher part time. I help assist with students who have disabilities. I have been searching for a home of my own for two years and was finally offered an apartment and I am determined to make ends meet. I am a very self-motivated intellectual and will never give up on the opportunities provided to me.

While searching for an apartment, the money I made would go toward the storage unit I keep my belongings in and the people that would let me sleep over for the night. I have tried my best putting as much money aside as I can, but unfortunately it is not enough to pay for the whole amount my landlord is asking for. I payed the security deposit and last month's rent, but I need Modest Needs help with one more month's rent that is needed to move in.

This funding will impact my long term situation by allowing me to finally live on my own and be able to call the space my own. I will finally have a place to call home. I will not have any furniture as of yet, but with this funding I am hoping to save enough to be able to buy furniture for my apartment. Thank you.

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