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Full TIme Student and Worker Needs Rental Help After Emergency Car Repair

My Story:

I am currently a full time college student and I also work full time at a call center. I am a student at East Tennessee State University in the college of Public Health with a concentration in Healthcare Administration. I live alone and have no family or friends in the area.

My car broke down I had to get it fixed due to the fact that my car is my only way to work and school. With labor and parts I spent about $1200.00 repairing my car. Normally my paychecks are enough to cover my rent and utilities, so when I had to pay for the repairs my bills began to fall behind. I am afraid that if this is not paid I will get evicted or the eviction process will start. I need Modest Needs' help to get caught up.

If I am granted funding I will be forever grateful. I will be able to get back on track with my bills. I am currently in the process of picking up more hours at work so I can build up a savings so something like this will not happen again. If I am also granted funding it will show me that there are good people in this world who understand situations do happen.

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