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A Struggling Single Mom Needs Your Help After Her Brother Cost Her The Security Deposit

My Story:

I'm a single mother with three kids. My oldest is seventeen and about to go to college, my twelve-year-old loves computers and my three-year-old is super smart. We don't qualify for any kind of assistance. We can't get food stamps or daycare or any of that kind of help because I just make a bit too much. But of course, it's not really enough
My brother was in trouble and going through a divorce so I opened my home to him. He did things in my home he wasn't supposed to and now he's in jail. I had to move and he caused me to lose my deposit because of the damage he caused. I had moved out and he refused to leave. Losing my deposit has really put me behind. I need Modest Needs to help my pay my rent at my new apartment.

If I can't pay the rent then we won't have a place to live. Once I get over this bump in the road I will be able to get my dental hygiene license and with that I can make a much better income. I just need a little help so that I can get there. Once I get that I won't need any help again.

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