Paid 02/21/2018
Self-Sufficiency Grant

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User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeOn behalf of my whole family I want to thank you all for your contributions. When things get tough and it seems like the rut you're in just keeps getting bigger and darker, it's hard to keep positive and see a light at the end of the tunnel. The fact that you and others decided to donate to help us, instead of buying that latte or splurging on a movie, means so much and has given us a world of hope. Instead of having to play catch up for the next 3-4 months (from what my budgeting calculated), we will be current on our rent now and able to focus on keeping everything current with my husband's new income. The amount of stress that has been lifted from our shoulders is freeing, and it is all because of you. Again, thank you all with my whole heart. We will most definitely be returning the favor to help others on ModestNeeds, because times get tough for everyone, and something as small as $5 can make the difference and keep someone's utilities on, or their home their own. Receiving help like that warms the heart and soul, and proves to our children that the world isn't such a bad place, when you have people being selfless like this. Sincerely, Jessica

Just Found A New Job But Still Behind On Our Rent Payment

My Story:

I am a married mother of three children. Our youngest is about to turn 3, and she is becoming such a character. She loves to sing and dance, and play pretend kitchen. Our oldest two we have joint custody of, as they are my husband's children from his first marriage. They live with us half the week, every week. The oldest is 12, and she loves to read, write and play with her Monster High dolls. The middle child, is 10, and loves DC and Marvel super heroes, and to play video games. I work full time in inside sales at a wire and cable company. My husband was let go from his job in April, but was just offered a new position with a cable company, to start in February.

My husband and I were able to comfortably afford all our expenses, until he was let go from his job earlier this year. There was some relief as he was offered unemployment, but that ran out and now we have depleted all our emergency funds for this type of situation. There's no way we can get caught up alone. We are asking for Modest Needs' help in paying our rent for the month of January.

If we receive funding for our rent payment for January, it will provide us with enough relief to make sure our other bills stay on track, and that we are able to save enough up for the next month's rent. Personally, it would alleviate a huge block of stress from my shoulders. Budgeting has been so difficult, and some days it just has me reduced to tears. The kindness would be something we could show to our children to let them know that everyone needs a bit of help every now and then, and the gratification from helping far outweighs that video game you could have bought instead.

As of 2018-02-21, this application has been fully funded!

This request for help was funded at the recommendation and through the support of Modest Needs' donors.

Application Status Update: On 2018-02-23, Modest Needs sent payment via Check in the amount of $750.00 to Joann Fellman, Landlord on behalf of this deserving individual.