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Son Caring For Disabled Mother, Need Help With Hospital Bill After Stroke

The Details:

I am seeking help to take care of my disabled mother. My mother has had a stroke and medical bills are becoming stressful to the point that an eviction is possible. My father and sister passed away and since then, it had been a struggle for us, both mentally and financially. My mother is 70 years old and I am trying my best to give her the quality of life she desperately needs. I personally work for a tech company but I am unable to pay what bills are needed as well as help with medical expenses.

I earn enough to cover general expenses and household needs but living paycheck to paycheck has forced me to choose between healthcare and outstanding bills. I am asking Modest Needs to help pay one of her largest hospital bills so that I am able to make her financial situation more stable so she can have a since of security knowing she has a better chance at keeping her apartment and not be forced into a state funded nursing home.

This opportunity will allow us to breathing room to continue to pay for our bills as well as her ongoing care. Having to choose between affording rent or how to care for an elderly parent has become a very difficult thing to manage and I am praying for some type of help so that the situation can make a turn for the better.

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