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Son Moved Back Home, Help Me Buy Bedroom Furniture

The Details:

I am the head of household for my family that consists of two disabled adults, my brother and sister, a niece, and my son who recently aged out of foster care. My son went into the foster care system because he was unruly as a teen. He aged out of foster care and recently moved back into the home. I downsized to an apartment after I was no longer able to afford the rent at a previous residence. Now, I have the extra expense of providing adequate shelter but cannot afford to buy bedroom furniture for my son. Currently, he sleeps on the floor. I hope to buy a home in early 2018 to house all of my family. My son recently applied for food stamps and SSI disability because of a congenital heart defect. I am barely able to stay afloat.

I have always been a provider for my family. I work full time and my brother and sister have state funded in-home providers who help out tremendously. I barely can afford the day to day expenses of caring for a large family. I am asking for Modest Needs to help purchase a mattress, which is the single largest expense and would make an immediate impact on my son's quality of life.

My son and I have not had a lot of contact in recent years. It is only recently that he came to live with me as he had nowhere to go. Personally, I am happy to have him with me. He is my only child and it means a lot to me to be reunited. Financially, it means the world to me to be able to afford mere essentials. No parent wants to see their child under duress and sleeping on the floor.

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