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Vet's Car Got Towed, Need Help With Cost to Retrieve It

The Details:

My name is Timothy I live in San Diego California with my girlfriend. I am a disabled vet at 70% in the process of getting my 100%. My girlfriend suffers from a personality disorder BPD and I have taken on the task of being her caretaker so to speak and help her through her hard time. I I am currently trying to recover from my own mental illness and many physical injuries sustained while in service. I am also inventing a unique sound therapy using my banjo to help people overcome built-up emotions.

The hardship that has befallen upon us is our vehicle was towed and is accruing fees every day it's in there. It is our only vehicle and it is needed for us to survive. We recently got the vehicle as a gift a few months ago from her father because my truck engine blew a rod and it was close to 5,000 to get a new engine. It has all of our business-related and personal belongings inside of it. We need Modest needs help with this cost.

Having funds to get our vehicle out would not only help our situation tremendously in the areas of our business or personal health well-being but our ability to take care of ourselves on a daily basis. This funding would mean so much to us.

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