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My Husband Had 3 Heart Attacks. We Need Your Help With Medical Bills.

My Story:

I am married to a wonderful man. This past May, he suffered two massive Heart Attacks. He was in Critical Care for 10 days. On June 22, we were rear ended. My husband suffered another heart attack and I suffered severe low back injury and we were both taking to the Emergency Room. I am a disabled veteran. My husband has applied for Social Security disability, and he's still waiting on a decision.

Since my husband's heart attacks AND my disability diagnosis, we have been struggling to survive. We were asked to move from our old apartment due to a breakdown I had. We are asking for help with one of our largest medical bills.

This funding will give our household a chance to stay together and give us a sense of calm and stability. My husband is getting ready to start physical therapy for his heart condition. This hopefully will allow him to pursue some type of employment again. Your help will definitely make an impact for us.

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