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Multiple Car Repairs, Help Young Woman With Rent

The Details:

I am 26 years old and I live alone with my dog Jackson. He is a very lovable chihuahua. I work full-time as a legal secretary for a small law firm. I love to write and find creative outlets to do after work.

I have had some bad luck as of late and experienced multiple car problems back to back. In the last four months or so I've had to spend about $1500.00 in repairs for my car, which I need to make it to work. This has caused me to fall behind on a lot of bills and to date, I am still playing catch up. I need Modest Needs help with my rent.

I believe this grant will help me long term because I would be back on track with my rent payments, since this is the first time I have fallen behind. It would also give me a lot of peace of mindI unfortunately don't have much family around or other people who could possibly help me get out of this dilemma, so running across this program online gave me some definite hope! I work very hard and have been taking care of myself (and Jack) for a long time without assistance, but we all need help sometimes. Thank you for any consideration!

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