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Unexpected Expense Followed By Missing Work Due To Injury, Need Rent Help

The Details:

I'm a single dad. I have two girls, but they live with their mother. I get them on the weekends. I love my kids. I was a ward of the state growing up. I lived in a big building with 200 other kids until I turned 18. Unfortunately, I don't have any family that can help me. I work full-time as a painter.

I live paycheck-to-paycheck. I just have a small apartment and enough room for me and my girls to sleep over every other weekend. I had an old washer and dryer that someone gave me and not long ago they both broke down. I need a washer and dryer, especially to wash my girls' clothes on the weekend. I would have been okay with rent after buying replacements but unfortunately, I got hurt at work and missed some time. I need Modest Needs to help pay my rent this month.

Having my rent paid this month would mean the world for me. It would get me enough time to get back on track. I haven't let my daughters know about my situation yet, and I'm really hoping I don't have to. But if you help me I will tell them all about it. It would really set a good example for them to see that people can truly make a difference in the lives of others and use this as our inspiration to help others and turn. I've done a lot of volunteering with our church in the past and would like to give back to the community in the future.

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