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Single Mom Struggling To Pay For Braces For Her Disabled Son

My Story:

Myson is craniofacial handicapped and has had to have seventeen surgeries so far. My husband passed away from cancer which leaves us with just enough money for the basic needs. My son has been informed he needs bottom braces on his teeth as the teeth are starting to grow in incorrectly. He also has to have Speech therapy which I can afford. This is pertinent as the way the disease is, it affects the neck through his brain. He also has Autism.

We do earn enough to get by and that's about it. But at least we are making it through. After my husband passed we lost so much income. We have paid off our home. We continue to live the best we can.We need Modest Needs to help us pay the orthodontist so Austin can have his teeth arranged so he can speak better. If he does not he risks losing teeth and then they start turning. The Ortho bill we need help with as they have taken his Medicaid away due to the government changes.

You can help Austin with his teeth problems due to the deformity. We have helped others in the past through a program called SMILE. This would make a huge impact. We are starting a small savings so that hopefully this will not happen again. We would like to see that others in need get help also. You are an inspiration to all.

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