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Temporary Pay Reduction Has Me On The Brink Of Homelessness

My Story:

I am a single woman with no children who is rebuilding her life. In 2013 I lost my job, my home, my dog and my mother within 2 months. I was living with a family member and working part-time for barely over minimum wage. This was after moving back home 3 years before to care for my mother who had advancing dementia. I am her only daughter and was her primary caretaker. Once she was gone, it felt like my life was over too. Over the following months after, I was able to move back home, live with friends and start an MBA program. Shortly after, I was hired at the university I was attending for the MBA program.

The university offered tuition remission for my MBA program, but only up to a certain amount per year. Once that amount was reached, I was taxed for the additional amount as taxable income. I was able to manage until this past summer when I was taxed to the point I was receiving half my normal check. I am in danger of losing my apartment after managing it all this time.

This funding will allow me to keep my apartment. I am receiving my regular pay again and with it I will be able to pay my rent as is. I have also completed a study for my MBA, and I am still employed with the university. This will help me to continue my recovery and keep my home. Please help me have a place to call home from now on, and a safe place to go while I continue to grow and succeed out of my recent tragedy. Thank you for your generosity.

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