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Single Mother Needs Help With Her Son's Ambulance Bill

My Story:

I am a single parent of one son. My son enjoys bowling and hanging with friends and family. We have a dog named Marley. I work full time.

I just got back to work in October 2017 after being out of work since April 2017 due to a traumatic medical injury. I live pay check to pay check and I was off payroll for about 4 months, so my bills are starting to pile up. This has caused a hardship for me. I received an unexpected bill of ambulance ride for my son. He has Child Health Plus and it doesn't cover ambulance rides. I was unaware of this but he needed to take an ambulance for a medical condition to go to the Hospital. I need Modest Needs help with this ambulance bill.

This funding would help me and my family so we would not be strapped to have to find the extra money to pay for this, especially around the holiday time. Thank you.

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