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Veteran Forced To Relocate, Need Help With Childcare Costs

The Details:

I am a single mother of two. My oldest is 4yrs old. She loves school where she can play with her friends and learn her bible verses. My youngest is 2yrs old. She is new to learning but can't wait to go to school with with her sister and learn new things.

I normally make enough to cover our basic needs but this past April I was released from active duty and had to relocate due to an error with my orders. My children and I were already in GA awaiting our belongings only to find out that I would have to cover the cost to get them which would cost me quite a sum. I had to pay it because it was everything that we owned. I need modest needs to pay for my children's child care cost which is behind. I will eventually loose my childcare if I cannot get caught up with payments.

This funding will bring my household current and restore a sense of stability. My daughters will be to stay in school and I will be able to continue to work. The thought of not being to provide for them kills me. This will truly save my life.

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