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Rent Help While Recovering From Harvey

The Details:

I am recently a separated Mom of a beautiful 7-year-old. She is smart, and creative, and so full of life. I care for my disabled mother as well. I work full time, take my kid to and from her school, and take my mom to all of her many appointments. I've been the sole supporter for the past four years. I work for a non-profit finding foster homes for children in the states custody. Social work. Very draining but rewarding.

I earn just enough to get by. There is no room for emergencies. Hurricane Harvey hit in August causing me to miss work for a week and flee to Dallas. That put me behind on rent. Then my car needed repairing, and life kept happening. After all the bills get paid and that car repair, I'm still behind on my rent, trying to catch up.

This will get me back on the right track and not be behind on everything. I recently got a raise at work, but have yet to see the effects due to late fees. This will help me get current. I can get to a point of not living pay check to pay check. And I won't have to fear emergencies. It will help me avoid having to lose everything and having to start over. I love making a difference in the world through my work, I just hope that one day, a difference can be made in mine.

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