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National Guardsman Shot On Duty, Help Family With Mortgage

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I am a father of two amazing girls. Lily is five and as smart as they come. She loves horses and spends a lot of time with her pony and dreams to be a champion barrel racer one day. Bella is one and a half years old. She spends her time laughing and chasing the dogs around the house. My wife follows her passion in barrel racing and training horses. She recently started her own business in selling horse tack from home. I work on orders with the National Guard when they are available until I can return to construction when my leg has healed. In my spare time at home I work in my wood shop. I donate 1/3 of my woodwork profits to organizations that support veterans and law enforcement.

My femur was shattered by a gunshot while deployed with the National Guard in 2015. I was released from orders after 8 months, but unable to return to my civilian job in construction due to lifting restrictions. This past July I had a follow up surgery and was unable to work for another 6 weeks. We have sold two of our horses, turned off our TV and other non-essential utilities in order to ensure we have enough money to pay only our large bills and buy groceries for our children. We are asking for help with our mortgage.

This funding would will make us current on our bills and provide us with the time and breathing room to get back on track. It would also allow us to provide our girls this Christmas, both gifts and dinner. I will be starting a new job in January that will also put us on stable footing and be able to start another savings in case a hardship like this happens again. My family and myself would forever be grateful. And it would show my children what true holiday spirit and giving means. It will make a difference in our lives and this coming Holiday season. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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