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Military Family Paid Unexpected Car Repair: Need Assistance With Rent

The Details:

I am married and a father of a 2-year-old son. My son enjoys playing with cars and watching Paw Patrol. I am active duty military and my wife works with special needs adults and children.

My wife and I make a decent living, but sometimes we have to stretch our paychecks. We got into a bad financial bind when my wife broke her leg and couldn't work. Right when she started working again, her car needed major repairs. We need Modest Needs to assist in paying our rent. We were unable to make payments after the car repairs. We are trying to avoid eviction.

If we receive the assistance, it will give us breathing room to build back up our savings. This will allow my wife to save her first paycheck after starting back work. We will also be able to provide our son with a nice Christmas.

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