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Unemployed Unexpectedly, Back To Work And Can't Pay Rent

The Details:

I have been working and trying to save for over 15 years now and there always seems to be something that comes up and drains my savings. Then I start back at square one. I was taught to work hard and be respectful and I have been working hard my whole life. I love to spend time with my dog, friends, and family. As well as coaching softball to help girls achieve their goals.

I am normally living paycheck to paycheck or maybe being able to save a very small amount. But then I lost my job unexpectedly and struggled to get a job for two months. I received a full-time job recently. Being unemployed drained any savings that I had and now I am going to struggle to pay my rent next month. This situation has made me stronger. I understand more adversity that I can handle and overcome.

I need Modest Needs to help pay my rent payment. I fear that I will be evicted from my apartment and my puppy and I will have no where to live.The funding from Modest Needs' will relieve the financial stress that is causing me to lose sleep. Then I will be able to have more time to build up money from my current full-time job. This way I will be able to afford my bills in the future.

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