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Employment Gap: Need Mortgage Help

My Story:

I am married and we have 3 amazing sons. My two older sons serve in the military, one in the Airforce and one in the Navy, and my youngest son, who is seven, loves art. I work part time at Amazon as a delivery driver, my husband is currently unemployed, and my father in law is retired.

I left my previous job for an opportunity that fell through. We are basically living pay check to pay check. I am struggling to pay for our mortgage and to keep our home that we worked so hard for. I make just enough to pay for our bills, but the mortgage fell behind while I was looking for my current job and we can't seem to catch up. I care for my elderly and disabled father-in-law and I fear that we will lose this house.

This funding will help us get back on track and avoid late fees and homelessness. My son loves his school and this would give him a sense of stability and it would give me the confidence to have hope for my family's future.

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