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Don't Let A Car Crash Wreck Our Lives And Take Our Home

My Story:

I am a married mother to two amazing little girls, ages 8 and 5. My husband and I will celebrate 12 years of marriage in December. Both of my girls are very into arts & crafts, music and reading. My husband works full time for Terminix as an Outside Sales Inspector. I'm actively looking for part-time and/or full-time employment to supplement our income now that my youngest daughter has started school.

We live paycheck to paycheck but are usually able to cover our monthly bills without worry. However, my husband was in a major car crash earlier this year, and was off of his commission based job for 2 months without income. We've been perpetually behind since this happened. On top of that, his Grandfather unexpectedly declined in health and passed away. My husband spent time with his Grandfather during his final weeks and his income was affected. We are in a financial bind to say the least. We need Modest Needs' help to pay our rental payment, which is one month late.

This funding will bring our household current with our largest expense and back on track with our monthly budget going forward - and restore peace and stability to us all. I have picked up some freelance work to bring in a little extra income and I am actively applying each day for regular work. Your help would make a significant and long-lasting impact on our family and it would set a wonderful example for our daughters. We would like to use this to show them the goodness and kindness of strangers and how we can all make a difference.

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