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Hardworking Family Needed Help With Their Car Payment After Relocation

The Details:

I am a married father of one newborn son! He is a sweet baby full of personality. I work full time as the General Manager of a restaurant and my wife is currently looking and actively applying for full time work.

My job has required my family and I to relocate to a different part of Florida. Prior to relocating my wife had a difficult labor that ended with our son staying in the NICU for a few days, and many additional hospital bills that insurance wouldn't cover. Additionally, hurricane Irma forced our family to evacuate to Louisiana for a couple of days, which caused us to use the rest of our savings and now we are falling behind. We need Modest needs help to catch up on our car payment.

This funding will help us give our newborn everything he needs and provide stability to our family again. The grant would relieve our stress and lift the mental burden off of my family as well as encourage us to work even harder, and pay it forward. We will always remember who was able to help us get back on our feet.

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