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Injured and Diabled Vet Got Behind on Utilites Due to Car Repair

The Details:

I am a disabled vet recovering from my back being broken in two places. My 55 year old disabled daughter also lives with me.

In 55 years I have never been behind or had a cutoff notice for a utility bill. I am able to pay for my basic expenses with not much left over. However, unforeseen expenses really hurt me. The front end fell off my car and I had to bring it to the shop which the repairs were extremely expensive. This is my only transportation in which I need to get to doctors appointments. Paying for the repair caused me to fall behind on utilities and I need Modest Needs help to get me caught up.

This funding will get me back on track. It will take a ton of worry and stress off me. I will be able to heal with peace of mind. Thank you!

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