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Sick Social Worker Needs Rent Help

The Details:

I am a single adult that lives in an apartment with my therapy cat, Princess. I am a social worker that works with children on the autism spectrum and other special needs.

Before becoming sick 2 months ago, I have been living paycheck to paycheck, enough to cover my basic needs and student loans. I have an ongoing medical condition that made me too sick to work for the last two months and resulted with me hospitalized. I'm just starting back up with work this week, but am so far financially behind because of hospital bills. My savings and financial help from friends have all been exhausted. I do not have any family (I have been on my own and paying my way for the last 15 years, since I was eighteen years-old). I need Modest Needs help with my rental payment.

This funding will bring me current with my rent and I will be able to afford my car, which is a necessity for my job since I drive from client home to client home. My kids (clients) and their families depend on me to be there for them to help them lead a higher quality of life. Your help will assist me in picking up the pieces of my life that I had to put on hold for the last 2 months. I will be in a better position to help my clients and help myself by building back up my emergency savings.

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