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Replace My Balding Tires, Keep My Family Safe

The Details:

I am a single mom. I have 8 children and 2 grandchildren. Currently, my 2 youngest daughters still reside with me. I work for a chiropractor as his full-time office manager.

While married, I home-schooled my children and was out of the work force for over 20 years. I am working now and acquiring experience and skills to be able to provide for our future, but am living paycheck to paycheck right now. My van has needed some regular repairs and I don't have the funds to replace the tires too. It is my only transportation for work and girls' activities. With the balding on the front tires and very little tread left on the rear tires, I fear a blowout.

The funding will allow my girls and I to drive in safety and with peace of mind. It will enable me to not have to accumulate debt to meet this living expense.

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