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Single Mom Needs Help With New Tires To Have Safe Transportation

The Details:

I am a single mom of an 18 month old son. My son is very energetic and loves playing at the park. He enjoys learning and playing at daycare. I work full time as a claims processor at an insurance company.

I usually live paycheck to paycheck. I recently had a nail in my tire and was told that I was in dire need of new tires especially since I have a young child in the car. These tires would provide a safer environment for my son and me. I am unable to pay for both rent and tires and I'm not sure when I would be able to afford them. I'm worried that if I do not get new tires soon, I could get into a wreck even though I try to be careful.

This funding will help me to keep my family safe and help because I would not have to worry about choose between paying my rent or getting the much needed tires. Your help would make a lasting impact on my family. I've borrowed and utilized all the resources I can find. This would help my family out tremendously.

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