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Disabled Veteran Struggling To Recover From Flooding

The Details:

I am 100% totally and permanently disabled veteran overcoming my medical challenges by staying positive and leaning on my wife for support when necessary. We have a 14-year-old son with Down syndrome who loves life and keeps us both on our toes.

My family purchased our house last March using my VA loan. It meant we were no longer living with family members and had a home to call our own. Over the last 3 months our area has been hit hard with heavy rains and flooding. Our finished basement got water damage from water coming in through the foundation. Tt wasn't properly sealed but we had no way to know that when we bought the house. I had to make the necessary repairs in the basement so we didn't get any more damage. Our basement is still torn apart and an unusable space, but it no longer leaks.

I had to get a dumpster to be able to dispose of the water logged carpet, drywall and other stuff. That bill is outstanding and the company will no longer even take our regular route garbage because of the outstanding balance.

This help will allow me to get back on track and pay all of my bills on time and in full every month. We will be able to save some money once my wife starts working more hours in October. We greatly appreciate your consideration to help our family and hope one day to be able to also help families in need.

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