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Newly Employed, Need Rent Help

My Story:

I am still a 61-year-old woman living with my three dogs, Cody, Zelda and Annabelle. They are dependent on me to provide food and shelter.

At my previous job, I was living paycheck to paycheck able to pay my bills with little to spare. I left my place of employment after enduring months of abuse from my most recent general manager. He bullied me and used his power of authority to humiliate me. I discussed this situation with our area director expecting to experience a change in my work environment but it remained hostile and I made the difficult decision to terminate my employment on July 26. I immediately began searching for new employment; it was difficult but was eventually hired to start on September 1. Because I have only recently become employed I cannot afford to pay the rent this month.

With this funding, I will be able to remain in my home. It will also relieve a lot of stress that I have been experiencing for the past month. Now that I am newly employed I have an opportunity to regain control of my finances; it will take time but it's doable. Any assistance from you will be greatly appreciated.

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