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Savings Drained For Custody Of Child; Need Rent Help

The Details:

I am a single mother of a 16 month old baby boy. My son is the light of my life and loves cars, trucks, and really anything that moves. My father lives with us to help care for my son while I work. I am an elementary teacher and my father is a retired police officer and military veteran.

I earn enough to pay for our expenses month to month, but have a difficult time having enough to save up for a rainy day. Our rainy day struck two weeks ago when my son's father decided to file for custody. His home is not a safe place for our son, nor is he have the best mental or emotional state to care for a child, and so I had to take on unexpected legal fees that drained what little savings I had. I need Modest Needs' help to pay my portion of the rent for October. I currently have $150 to my name and will not be paid until after the October 1st due date.

This funding will allow me to stay current and get back on track for the end of the year before the holidays. I will be able to restructure my budget for the next few months before the last of my debt is paid off in December - which I have been working toward for almost 4 years. With this last push, I will be able to start saving and therefore have the means to handle unexpected emergencies in the future.

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