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Help Single Woman With Emergency Dental Work

The Details:

I am a single woman living alone. I have carpel tunnel in my hands and wrist, as well as neuropathy in my feet, legs and hands. This makes it hard for me to type this. The daily lifestyle is cooking for myself, showering and trying to get exercise walking up and down the hallway with my walker. I cannot drive.

I have enough to get by with my monthly expenses however I do not have anything left over for extra expenses. I have been needing to get dental work done since June2016 but I just cannot afford it. I am only able to eat soft food due to the pain in my mouth. My dental problem is embarrassing and I am asking for Modest Needs help with this cost.

The funding will allow my self to deal with the disabilities which are very stressful. Not worrying about the dental anymore will improve my quality of life significantly. Thank you.

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