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Military Family Struggling To Pay For Kids Medical Care

The Details:

I am a mother of four children. Two are disabled with autism and other medical challenges, Matthew 8 and Emma 6, the other two are typical, Michael 4 and Eli 15 months old. The baby has some medical issues, will be needing surgery soon for some Pulmonary issues he has had since he was born. We are a military family; my husband is deployed in Afghanistan. I home-school all my children. Our faith in God is what keeps us sane, and in joy with all the blessings and challenges we get with our children, our marriage, and family. We take it a day at a time and sometimes even a minute at a time.

As parents, we always put our kids needs first above ours. We can pay our monthly bills, but we have had trouble keeping up with their counseling sessions. The provider only accepts our insurance, but not Medicaid leaving us with extra costs. We need Modest Needs to help us pay for the balance we owe their counseling provider. Without counseling I fear our children will regress and our family will fall apart.

We have reached our deductible with our insurance and there is no longer any out of pocket costs for this year. And hopefully next year the provider will gain a 'spot' with being a Medicaid provider. This will be a one-time request. Anything we can get helps. Thank you.

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