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Two Teens With Cystic Fibrosis Need Help With Education

My Story:

I am married with 4 children, all girls! Our two oldest have cystic fibrosis. We are a faith based family. Our girls love music, church, singing, piano and soccer.

We certainly struggle financially however we are always able to make ends meet. I am looking for part time work currently with mother hours. Our girls go to catholic school as it is the way we want to raise them with faith. There is a new principal this year and he is asking for $1,000 down payment for activity fees. We can afford the tuition with small monthly installments, however the downpayment of $1,000 we can't come up with. We need Modest Needs help with this payment to keep out children in school and stable.

This will impact the girls comfort of attending this school. They will not be allowed to attend without this. This school makes a difference in their lives and supports their religious education. They both girls participate in sports, and one is in the National Honor Society. This funding would mean so much to our family.

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